3 ways to stop letting cheap sunglasses damage your eyes

 When shopping for sunglasses this summer you probably aren’t thinking about how much protection your eyes are getting from that cute new style. A huge misconception is that the sunglasses that put in work to protect you from sun damage have to be expensive. They don’t, and that’s exactly why paying attention to UV protection is important. It’s not the price that matters, but that little U.V. sticker matters more than most think. The trendy aviators or rimless glasses look cool but may give you little protection. The question is, what can you be doing the next time you want some new shades to make sure those eyes are shielded from short and long-term eye damage? These are things to consider on your next shopping trip.


Keep it 100

\r\nIt’s very important that before you choose to buy your sunglasses you check for a sticker (usually on the lens) that says they block 100% protection from UV rays. It’s common to see below that, but it’s best not to go below 70%.\r\n

Bigger is better

\r\nYou’re in luck if you fancy an oversized pair of sunglasses. The more of your face they cover, the less chance your eyes have of being inflicted. So you can lay out in the sun and those sensitive parts of your face are defended from the sun.\r\n

Color and shade don’t matter

\r\nIt’s hard not to love the look of those tinted lenses – in a world of amber, green, or yellow. Darker tones that block out the sight of your eyes and face, only do just that – cover up. A color or darker shades of sunglasses can be safer for athletes because they dodge the glare from the sun, but this cannot completely block the sun from reaching your eyes or skin.\r\n

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