5 ways cauliflower can replace major carbs in your diet

Discover the power of cauliflower with these delicious recipes. \r\n\r\nCutting back on carbs doesn’t have to mean giving up the tasty foods you love. Cauliflower is always a great substitute used in Paleo diets. The consistency of this resourceful vegetable, when cooked, is similar to some of those starchy grain-based foods we love to fry and dip. When you steam it, it can pass as a faux rice. Or smash it all up in a bowl and you’ll get an alternate to mashed potatoes. Get creative with these creative uses for cauliflower.\r\n

Cauliflower Grilled Cheese

\r\ncauliflower-grilled-cheese-hyn\r\n\r\nFind comfort knowing that you can enjoy this comfort food all the time with this healthier option! Here’s a recipe.\r\n

Cauliflower Tortillas

\r\ncauliflower-tortillas-hyn\r\n\r\nYou won’t be able to cut carb intake by eating regular store-bought corn and flour tortillas or  taco shells. Try your favorite spread on some homemade cauliflower tortillas. Here’s a recipe.\r\n

Cauliflower breadsticks

\r\ncheesy-cauliflower-breadsticks-hyn\r\n\r\nA classic snack doesn’t have to just be for special nights in or cheat days. Try this recipe for cheesy bread sticks the next time you and your friends want something to nibble on.\r\n

Cauliflower hash

\r\ncauliflower-hash-browns-hyn\r\n\r\nThis breakfast go-to isn’t just for the drive-thru. Cauliflower is a great alternative to potatoes and anything made from them. Pump up your next breakfast with this vegetable hash brown recipe.\r\n

Cauliflower tater tots

\r\ncauliflower-tater-tots-hyn\r\n\r\nWhether these are your lunch time snack or a side order for the kids, you haven’t seen tater tots packed with as much vitamins as when they’re made from cauliflower. Check out this recipe.

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