Binge watching TV could be bad for your health

It’s hard to think a day spent relaxing at home could potentially have a negative affect on our health. In fact, a new study is saying that those hours we spend binge watching our favorite shows could be the cause of increasing numbers of deaths due to pulmonary embolism, or blood clots in the lungs. As a result of inactivity the clot usually begins in the leg or near the pelvis. The press release from the American Heart Association highlights that more than 5 hours of watching TV, where your blood flow is low, doubles your chance of death from a lung blood clot.\r\n\r\nFrom 1988 to 1990, researches recorded over 86,000 participants, ages 40-79, and their daily TV consumption. Over 19 years, 59 of those participants died of pulmonary embolism, 70% among them watched TV from 2.5 to 4.9 hours. There have obviously been some technological changes since the study was conducted, and that’s exactly why there should be new studies to track the new risk newer technologies may have.\r\n


\r\n”After an hour or so, stand up, stretch, walk around, or while you’re watching TV, tense and relax your leg muscles for 5 minutes,” said Hiroyasu Iso, M.D. Ph.D., professor and author on the study determined to likely greater a risk than the findings show. The same kind of advice is given to travelers on long plane flights, but the new season you’ve been wanting to stream is much more entertaining than a flight across country.\r\n

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