Clear workday stress by downloading any of these apps

It’s no secret that meditation is the key to focus and relaxation throughout the workday. Experts say that beginning the day with some deep breathing and quiet time can decrease your chance of anxiety or stress at work. But sitting in your cubicle may not go over well with your boss. So here are a few ways technology can help you to escape while you’re on the job.\r\n


\r\nThis cool app makes meditating easy for anyone. It’s guided and mindful of your time with short sessions perfect for a short break or that extra 15 minutes you have leftover for lunch. It does a great job of educating users on the benefits each session can have on your body and your relationships. You can download sessions for offline use or to share with family and friends. The best part is that it’s totally free!\r\n


\r\nThe National Center of Telehealth & Technology introduced this portable stress management system to show the importance of diaphragmatic breathing. This practice, originally coined as the Relaxation Response by Dr. Herbert Benson, led way for relaxing through breathing practices to be seen as a remedy for a number of stress related illnesses. The app is pretty simple, you get educated, and then breathe. This is a free app, and a great gateway to practicing more seriously.\r\n


\r\nThis app is beginning to be seen as a real competitor for traditional therapy. However it can be super helpful when you just need to vent or chat with someone. If you’re still not convinced on digital therapy, use the app to hook yourself up with someone who has office hours. When your work schedule doesn’t let you schedule regular appointments, Talkspace connects you to a licensed therapist to talk you through stress or refer you to some activities you could try. When the stress becomes overwhelming, sign up for private, text, audio, and video in the palm of your hand.\r\n

What are some ways technology has helped you deal with stress? Let us know in the comments below.

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