Couples who workout together & share chores could have more sex

Let’s face it, we know even the best relationships can’t be manufactured on Instagram or Snapchat. They’re hard work! Experts are concluding that some of the best ways to keep your relationship healthy are by spending time together just getting important things done like working out or chores around the house. This ultimately could lead to more of an active sex life for you both.\r\n\r\nA new study in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that couples who ignore traditional gender lines when working to complete a common task get more sexual gratification. This debunks ideas that couples find each other less desirable when their in position to share a common role. It’s not just about sharing chores. Your physical health is a constant chore of wellness you know your partner has to think about as well. Alyssa, who uses Class Pass with her husband Mike, says that them working out together opened windows for them to try other things together. Here she told BRIDES, “It’s cliché to say that ‘a couple that works out together, stays together!’ but it is a really great activity to do with your significant other. We both encourage each other throughout the workouts and it feels good to see how strong your partner can be!”\r\n\r\nHaving someone so close to your pushing and motivating you keeps you open-minded to new classes, new solutions in life period. You can learn to appreciate each others toughness when you’re coordinating or even struggling to get it done. At least you’re struggling together! Sync your schedules so you can go for that walk or a run together, sign up for a class, and take on the next home improvement project as a team. There’s powerful growth there fostering healthier, more active relationship and journey together.

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