Foods you can enjoy for healthier skin

Manage your diet to give your skin a glow up this summer!

\r\nFor most of my life I’ve attributed my good skin days to routine moisturizing, scrubs and a healthy amount of sleep. Those things are important, but they don’t go beyond the surface or replace the vitamins your body needs. In effort to look glamorous, we as women spend thousands a year on beauty products. We even make lists of foods that health experts say aren’t good for the skin. The question is, what can I be snacking on every day to make sure I keep my natural glow as well as fight the stress being a girl on the go can have on my skin. These are some super tasty, ordinary treats that are proven to have extraordinarily nutritional effects on your skin.\r\n


\r\ntomatoes-foods-enjoy-healthier-skin\r\n\r\nThis juicy fruit is full of an antioxidant called Lycopene, a red carotenoid found in blood and the reproductive organs. It’s what gives tomatoes its red pigment. Consuming this naturally occurring chemical helps to increase your natural SPF, developing a natural sunscreen to prevent damage and sunburns to your body. The great thing about tomatoes is you can snack on them, chop them up for a meal, or drink tomato juice to get the same results.\r\n

Dark chocolate

\r\ndarkchocolate-foods-enjoy-healthier-skin\r\n\r\nDark chocolate contains some of the same antioxidants as that of grains, fruits, and nuts. The combination of vitamins and minerals including potassium, iron, and calcium creates a a bioactive shield that protects your skin from the sun. The flavonols (a chemical found in plant-based foods and beverages) can improve blood flow the skin, increasing hydration.\r\n


\r\npomegranate-foods-enjoy-healthier-skin\r\n\r\nBe careful with this one. A large amount of the calories in this juicy fruit come from sugars. In moderation though pomegranate seeds contain polyphenols, an organic chemical, increase the blood flow to skin giving it a rosy glow.\r\n


\r\nkiwi-foods-enjoy-healthier-skin\r\n\r\nVitamin C is known to stimulate collagen production in your skin and reduces wrinkles, and Kiwi is full of it!\r\n

Red wine

\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nRarely does alcohol benefit skin health. In this case, in moderation red wine can prevent lesions of the skin. Red wine in particular acts as an antioxidant battling acne, providing a glow, and protecting the skin of age-related diseases.\r\n\r\nRelated: 6 foods that will give your skin a glow up\r\n\r\nAs dermatologists learn more about the positive effects your diet can have, we know for sure that the most important source of a beautiful look is what foods you choose to eat.

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