Get it in at home with these quick living room workouts

If you’re like me, getting to the gym after work is just as large a task as working out once you get there. Lack of a gym membership doesn’t mean your exercise has to suffer.Then there’s the couch that’s calling you after a long day.There are quick workouts waiting to be had in the same place you love to binge watch your favorite shows. Try these fast fitness challenges that I use at home when I don’t want to choose between staying active or missing my primetime shows.

Plié Squat 

\r\nSquats in general are known to target the leg muscles as well as give your butt muscles a boost. This is the kind of body challenge that will have you sore the next day — totally worth it! To make sure you’re doing them correctly, stand with your legs wider than your shoulders with your hands on your hips. Squat until your knees reach a 90-degree angle, rise slowly, then repeat.\r\n\r\nPRO TIP: Start out with 50 squats and raise your number by 25 every day. 


\r\nSimilar to squats, this exercise pays close attention to your legs and your glutes. Lunges give your body better balance and gives your spine some relief from strain. If you have some extra space to move around, go back and forth from the couch to the tv or from the couch to the kitchen. These can be fun and you’ll feel more pumped the more you do. Make sure your feet are together, toes pointed forward, before taking a long stride forward with one leg. With your upper body straight and tall, use your butt and leg muscles to catapult yourself one leg forward at a time. Bend down to as close to 90-degree angle as possible.


\r\nWhen you’re tired of the basic floor crunch, air bicycling is an alternative way to work your abdominal. Start in the same position as you would a crunch, lightly holding the back of your head — just high enough to catch whatever’s streaming on your tv. You’ll give equal attention to your upper and lower abs, unlike regular crunches which tend to work your upper stomach area. As simple as it is, this is a very diverse workout. Your abs, arms, and quads will burn simultaneously leaving you feeling more like you got a full body session at the gym.

Sofa Dip

\r\nYour furniture can transform into gym equipment at any time. Stand with your back to a sturdy chair or sofa. Point your elbows straight back at a 90-degree angle while you hold the chair. Squat slightly without touching the floor then take a few steps forward. Make sure you don’t put any uncomfortable stress on your shoulders or back. Repeat this 15 to 20 times to strengthen and tone your upper body. This is a great daily workout to get your blood pumping first thing in the morning.

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