How you can put those leftover pumpkin seeds to good use

The autumn season is always the turn of the year when I shift from wanting be out and about to choosing to stay in. This is mostly because it starts to get colder outside and afternoon brunch turns into crafting and cooking at home with girlfriends. One seasonal staple in my home has been pumpkins. They were decorative for Halloween, then as they get older they transition into impromptu ingredients for chili or waffles. I even rivaled my mother’s pumpkin bread recipe, a knockoff of one she got from her college bakery. After some yummy dishes, one thing was left: pumpkin seeds. Of course you can save them! Here are a few ways to get the most out of the leftovers.

Toast them for a healthy snack

Roasted pumpkins seeds are a seasonal snack in grocery stores and farmer’s markets. Save yours and enjoy them all year. Also known as Pepitas, you marinate them in salt and spices to your liking. We found a great Pepita recipe on Fine Cooking.toasted-pumpkin-seeds

Make a sweet treat

It’s always nice to have something sweet on deck for when you’re having those sugar cravings. Make a brittle out of pepitas that you can enjoy on the couch or take it to your next holiday party.pepita-candy

Grow a pumpkin patch

If you have some yard space, consider planting those leftover seeds in the ground (a 5-10 pound bucket will do if you’re in an apartment). Pick a spot that will get tons of sun with little shade, or if you’re working with a small space, plant your seeds at the edge of your garden. The Farmer’s Almanac gives a great step-by-step guide to planting by the seed.pumpkin-patch

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