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Going vegan one day a week is good for your health & your wallet

Taking one day out of the week to practice a meatless diet is more about you’ll be can adding to your diet rather than what you take away. Generally households choose meat as the main dish of their meals. Switching to a plant based diet once a week is an opportunity to fill your plate with more vegetables, more grains, and legumes that provide nutritional value that your body may not always receive from meats like fiber, potassium and vitamin B6. You can also find solace in the idea that by going meat free just one day a week could help protect the environment and may contribute to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.\r\nHow it helps your health\r\nSubtracting meat from your diet is less about what you’re taking away, and more about what you can add to your meals. More vegetables, fruit, and grains protects your body against heart disease and stroke. A…