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How to stay fired up about your workout as the weather cools down

So the weather is cooling down, but that shouldn’t pause your runners momentum. There’s a myth that running in the cold is bad for your lungs. There are risks to running during fall and winter weather, especially for those who live with asthma or any pre-existing lung condition. Cold weather puts less heat stress on the body as opposed to hot summer body which makes the body tired. Getting a runny nose is just a natural reaction to the weather and can simply be solved with a pack of tissues tucked away. In fact most of getting over your winter running troubles is all about more of these things.\r\n\r\n\r\nDress warm… ahem, layers\r\nDressing for a cold run is no different from dressing for the winter’s coldest morning — just add layers! Start from head to toe. Wear two pairs of socks or wool socks that aren’t prone to absorbing water or…