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Where Obamacare falls short with mental health

Mental health in America has become less of an obscure topic in the last 5 years. Yet the increases in violence to ourselves and others, suicides, and drug addiction are accessories to nearly 43 million people going without treatment. The Affordable Care Act prepared a platform for further developments by requiring all health insurance plans to hold behavioral and drug abuse treatment to the same terms as any other kind of care. As a result, a large portion of the 20 million people now insured because of Obamacare were living with a mental illness and have previously been denied coverage because of their preexisting “condition”. This rule has been in place since 2010, but poor enforcement of these laws has gone from “weak to nonexistent,” says Politico reporter Brianna Ehley.\r\n\r\nPolitico reported that 20-year-old Anthony of Virginia was covered under his mother’s insurance. After receiving a court order to see in-network inpatient treatment…

Every day women reveal struggles with mental illness

Since stigma is woven into the fabric of our society, starting the conversation about mental illness is crucial.\r\n\r\nThat’s exactly what award-winning actress Glenn Close did. In an interview with CBS news, she stated, “mental illness is a family affair.” In addition to her own struggles with depression, she has an uncle with schizophrenia, another who committed suicide, a sister with bipolar disorder, and a nephew with schizoaffective disorder. She founded in 2010. It’s a coalition of organizations that provide service, screening, support, treatment and information about mental illnesses. Bring Change 2 Mind fights to end the stigmas surrounding mental health, and the hurtful and harmful stereotypes which sometimes follow those with mental illnesses.\r\n\r\nSeveral local women were willing to take part in the conversation and share their struggles with mental health.\r\nRead the full article with The Shreveport Times