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3 huge lessons my vegan friends taught me about cooking healthy

My relationship with meat and animal byproduct is simple: I love it. So anytime I find out another one of my friends is making the change to no animal products, I feel like I’ve lost a soul-sister in eating. However there are a few lessons my vegan and vegetarian friends have taught me that are changing the way I think about cooking at home. Essentially, these changes have made some of my favorite dishes healthier and even tastier!\r\nMushrooms aren’t just a topping in your salad\r\nMushrooms hold superfood status. That means they are loaded with some of the most potent nutrients on earth. Mushrooms in your regular diet means better weight management and a healthier immune system. They also act as a “prebiotic” for the growth of probiotic gut organisms. Not only are they great for your body, but they can be a great addition to a meal or stand alone. A…