The truth about how to do coffee without the crash

There are 100 million Americans who drink coffee daily. That’s more than half of a population that counts on caffeine to kickstart their day, and some need more of it throughout the day. When energy is low, eight ounces of coffee does the trick. Unfortunately going over your caffeine limit can lead to a crash and leave you more exhausted. The two major keys to avoiding a crash after you’ve gotten what you need from your coffee break are simple, and they will change your the way you think about how coffee effects your energy.\r\n

Drink a cup of water with your morning joe

\r\nIf you’re the kind of drinker who can not get started with your day until you’ve sipped at a cup of coffee. Hydration is your main concern. Caffeine compresses blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the brain by 27 percent. This is the same effect that dehydration has on the brain, which is already happening as your body can not produce the fluids it needs to hydrate while you sleep.\r\n\r\nAlso, you’ve probably noticed that you go to use the bathroom a lot more when you drink coffee. The caffeine makes it hard for your body to retain water. To keep from feeling sluggish, couple your coffee with a cup of water and some exercise.\r\n

Put your coffee breaks on a schedule

\r\nHave you ever been coming to the end of  the day, you’re groggy, but you still have so much left to do? You’ve probably had to ask yourself or someone else, “Is it too late for coffee?”. The answer, if you have to ask, is yes. The caffeine in coffee can release high levels of a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is what gives us a natural boost in the mornings an hour after we wake, and levels fluctuate throughout the day. It’s important to balance your caffeine intake with the cortisol that your body produces. The time of day you wake will determine your best coffee times. If you wake at 7am, your body will be full of cortisol at 8am. Coffee one hour after that will ensure that the cortisol does not overlap with the caffeine you’re consuming. When they overlap is when you notice you are groggy or you’re not as boosted after coffee.\r\n\r\nThe truth is your sleep will suffer if you are drinking more than two cups a day, especially if any of those are after 4pm. So make sure that you start early, and give the natural hormones in your body a chance to produce natural energy.\r\n\r\nyoure-drinking-coffee-wrong-heres-really-maximize-your-daily-caffeine-boosts.w1456\r\n\r\nTIP: If you still want to drink tons of coffee, switch to cold-brew. It produces less caffeine and has less acid. This will reduce restlessness.

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