Why water is the number 1 secret to naturally glowing skin

Eight glasses a day has been the guide most physicians and fitness experts have accepted as the standard. It makes sense since our bodies are made up of 64% water. So our job is to replenish every day. When we don’t the first place you may notice it is all over – your skin. The summer is when your body needs the most hydration especially as your natural armor needs to stay healthy to protect from the sun.\r\n\r\nThink of yourself as a sponge. When you put a sponge under water it expands, no longer dry and rigid like its original state. It needs that moisture to breathe and absorb more. When you soak up your sponge with other substances, the only thing that can save it from its own dry, ‘yuckiness’ is H2O.\r\n\r\nThat glow celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Gabrielle Union attribute to at least a gallon a day can easily be yours with just some minor changes in habit. Dehydrating your body with little water, caffeine, or alcohol your skin can contract like that dry sponge in your sink. Keeping some water at your side to sip throughout the day may maximize the potential moisture in your skin. Drink up!\r\n

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