Why you’ll want to think twice about buying drugstore vitamins

Danger could be lurking down the dietary supplement aisle. When an 8-day old baby was found to have died due to poisonous probiotics (classified as dietary supplements) issued by a hospital, more questions about how certain dietary products are being regulated. Reports like this concern doctors because supplements – vitamins, herbs, and those as advertised “natural” products are not held to the same standards as prescription or over-the-counter drugs. The main concern is not only are these products available at your local pharmacy, they’re slowly being integrated into regular medical practice.\r\n\r\nThe Nutrition Business Journal reports that supplement sales are up 81 percent over the past decade. Supplements are easier to get than prescription but it may not be worth the risk. When you get prescription drugs you’re able to ask a pharmacist specific questions about what you’re taking. The staff at the drugstore will not be very knowledgable about the supplement products on their shelves. Pinpointing dangerous ingredients like green tea extract powder and kava is totally up to the consumer.\r\n

Read the full Consumer Report on the dangers of dietary supplements.

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