Yale dermatologist invents sunscreen to protect the body from chemicals

During a Q&A on Facebook, celebrity paleo chef Pete Evans recently told over a million of his fans that he did not use sunscreen because it is full of poisonous chemicals. Instead he attributes his protection to keeping a tan and a product called Surf Mud. Yale University dermatologist Michael Girardi claims to have a nanotech solution meant to protect the skin from the sun and the potentially harmful chemicals in your sunscreen lotion. He hopes to encourage more people to use sunscreen without the fear that they’re exposing themselves to harmful chemicals. But is sunscreen as harmful as Evans leads on or is he giving in to myths many people have about protection from the sun?\r\n\r\nAlthough every brand of sunscreen isn’t perfect, clinical oncologist Ian Oliver says that a sun tan offers even less protection from UV light. “Although there is a cultural association between tanning and outdoor activities, the reality is that in most cases a tan is a mark of damaged skin.” He adds. Sunscreen is the only thing that can truly protect your skin from sun damage. Girardi’s nano-sunscreen could be the best step in the direction to minimize the stigma on chemicals in sunscreen entering the bloodstream. Read more about nanotech sunscreen at Digital Trends.

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