4 reasons to add tennis to your workout routine this week

If you’re like me, you’d rather skip the gym and go for a run around the neighborhood or play a sport to stay in shape. Regular or routine activity is just as effective especially when the weather is nice. In lieu of the U.S. Women’s opening channeling your inner Serena Williams could be just the thing to land a body like the tennis champ. Actually playing a few rounds of tennis could have a great effect on the inner you as well as your outer muscles. These are some reasons to get out on the tennis court for your next workout.\r\n

Cardiovascular health

\r\nWhen you watch a tennis match, it’s like watching the players do hundreds of mini sprints back and forth across the court. This increases your heart rate and pretty much gives a burst of energy that lasts even after your match is finished. This kind of activity is great for lowering the risk of stroke and heart attack all while burning up to 600 calories an hour.\r\n


\r\nTennis does a great job at testing your balance, speed, and hand-eye coordination. You can expect that these will all affect your daily life whether it’s with your posture or even the way you strut down the street. Yes, expect your walk to get even more fierce!\r\n

Whole body workout

\r\nWhen you’re a tennis player, experienced or novice, your body is running, lunging, jumping, and stretching your limbs. A great thing called muscle confusion is happening. Leg day is effortlessly merged with upper body cardio. This doesn’t allow your body to get complacent with the workout – diversifying your muscle use.\r\n

Self-esteem & Endurance

\r\nWe all get a few natural drops of dopamine after a good workout. That’s the point! But quite a few professionals regularly play tennis, like most sports, helps you to stay motivated at work as well as manage stress.\r\n\r\nRelated: More ways to move your workout outdoors

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