5 things you shouldn’t be afraid to show at work

It’s no secret that women have struggled to seek equality in the workplace against male counterparts. Let’s face it! The code of conduct for women in the workplace is different from it is for men and most working women can attest to that. Women are expected to look and act a certain way in order to excel at work and the ones who don’t are often overlooked for any achievement. It’s even been suggested that women obscure their gender profiles online in order to avoid gender bias in the professional world.\r\n\r\nAs women professionals around the world protest this type of misogyny and the notion that they can’t be who they are in order to be successful at work, we’re here to tell you about five things you should never be ashamed to show at work. (1) Ambition, know what you want for your career and don’t be afraid to demand it. (2) Emotions,  show that you care about what you do. Use it to open up deeper conversations and connections with those you work with. (3)  Patting yourself on the back, you worked hard to accomplish what you’ve done. Don’t be afraid to humbly acknowledge yourself and take credit. (4) Live outside of work, show people who you’re not a robot and you have obligations and things going on away from the office. It makes you more relatable and shows people who you’re a multi-dimensional badass. (5) Yourself, your skills should speak for themselves. Not your name or what you look like. Be proud of who you are and let your accomplishments and work ethic take you to the top.\r\n

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