Birth control: There’s an app for that – but is it safe?

There are a number of apps and online platforms offering women birth control. Everything including emergency contraception is available without having to visit a doctor in person. Answer some questions about yourself and submit a photo, and you’re on your way to a virtual subscription (upon a doctor’s review via video conference). The question is, if this catches on, could visiting the doctors office become obsolete? This technological luxury is already afforded to California residents thanks to their Telehealth Advancement Act.\r\n\r\nThe New York Times reported that this development has created a world of potential for women already on birth control and will encourage more to start, according to public health experts. Among at least six digital platforms, mostly privately owned, is Planned Parenthood’s telehealth site that offers birth control prescriptions along with home STD tests and options for UTI treatment. Lemonaid specializes in many different healthcare practices, boasting on their website that you can “Get a doctor’s prescription for $15.” Unlike Planned Parenthood, privately held applications are operating outside of California as well including Florida, Michigan, New York, and Washington. Nurse practitioner Jacqui Letran told the LA Times she recommended going to visit a doctor for a first time prescription and using the new apps for refills. What apps don’t offer is the candid healthcare education where those no digital replacement for actual face time.\r\n

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