The secret to having youthful looking skin at any age

Keep your skin looking youthful without breaking the bank – break into your diet!

\r\nThis summer the Guinness Book of World records confirmed that the oldest person in the world is 116 year old Emma Morano. She’s photographed in her home in Verbania of northern Italy where she credits her long life and health to a diet full of eggs and no husband. The latter is still up for debate, but eggs are a great source of protein and play an important role in skin health!\r\n\r\nRelated: Foods you can enjoy for healthier skin\r\n\r\nPlastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn is an advocate for getting the most out of what your skin can be naturally. He reveals how to look younger, and his number one point is about the foods you eat. There’s no skin fix like eating the right foods because eating the wrong foods could age your skin prematurely no matter how many products you use.\r\n

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