How to use Spotify to keep stress levels low on the go

While most music lovers are struggling with which streaming service to subscribe to, my concern with my next subscription is the content beyond the tunes. In case you didn’t know Spotify has over 100 guided meditations for any level of the game you’re on. Since I’ve started meditating in the morning, I find I’m more focused towards the end of the day when I’m usually crashing. Here are a few other places I’ve found these golden playlists helpful.\r\n

First thing in the morning

\r\nBeing on call the moment you wake up is a reality for many people, especially in a time when busy is trendy. However it’s not the healthiest way to start the day – bombarding your well rested (hopefully!) brain with tasks, old and new. Instead of going to check your email, put a meditation list on shuffle to begin the day with a mantra. Just 10 minutes of silence and reflection is motivating each step you take the remainder of the day.\r\n


\r\nA big misconception about meditation is that you have to be sitting with your legs crossed with your hands raised to do it correctly. If you’re in a city with a Subway system or you take public transportation regularly, you’re aware of how exhausting this experience can get from day-to-day. Trade in your music for a 15 minute meditation session on your way to work. Close your eyes, get as comfortable as you can, then let your mind focus on what’s most important… Your breathing!\r\n

On Vacation

\r\nWhat better time to clock some meditation time then the time you should be relaxing the most? Truth is, even when we’re away sometimes we’re still connected to the responsibilities that weigh on our minds. Don’t let the hype of your vacation destination distract you from getting your me time. Quiet time is a great way to totally remove yourself from outside situations and put the focus on your needs. Or this could be an opportunity to reflect some gratitude for where you are in life.\r\n

Just before bed

\r\nYour head is full of thoughts even after a dull day. So you could have a hard time sleeping or totally shutting down after a mentally straining day. Meditating before bed hasn’t proven to provide a deeper sleep, but it does get rid of excess thoughts. That way your brain can have a rest and focus on recharging overnight.  Shushing that mental chatter could be the solution to waking up “on the wrong side of the bed”. At least meditating before you get some shut-eye can make it simpler to fall asleep, period.

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