Natural herbs & spices that are just as tasty as salt

Too much salt in your diet can get serious with high blood pressure and heart disease. It’s the new sugar as far as wars on food additives go. Sodium is the main element we worry about in salt. Many restaurants in New York City are required to flag menu items with a saltshaker to symbol more than 2300 milligrams of salt. Eating at home could mean you have less control of what your taste buds. It’s hard to find a faux salt as close as potassium chloride that can match the taste of perfect dash of salt. However trading in salt for natural spices can transform your food all while keeping a healthy amount of sodium in your body. Here are a few natural herbs as spices to use as salt alternatives in the kitchen.\r\n


\r\nIt’s sweet, peppery, and best served fresh for flavor. You can easily grow basil in your garden or on your windowsill. It’s a perfect match for everything from soups, salads, to sandwiches and pasta. basil-healthy-you-now\r\n


\r\nCayenne is a type of chilli so add lightly. It works in most dishes and makes vegetables more flavorful when sautéed or in a stew together. You can by the chilli whole, use it fresh, dried, or powdered.\r\n\r\ncayenne-healthy-you-now\r\n


\r\nThese edible flowers have a mild, onion-like punch which makes it great for fish, potatoes, and even casseroles. They look great on just about any dish. Remember to add them at the last minute. Heat will diffuse the flavor.\r\n\r\nchives-healthy-you-now\r\n

Garlic powder

\r\nPrepare meat, fish, or pastas by adding some garlic powder and you won’t think about adding salt. Garlic not only enhancing the taste of food, it is known to have many health benefits like combating the common cold.\r\n\r\ngarlic-powder-healthy-you-now\r\n


\r\nA combination of peppery, lemony, and sweet flavors makes ginger the perfect addition to sweet and savoury dishes. Grate fresh ginger for cooking, baking, and even for tea. You can literally add it to anything!\r\n\r\nginger-healthy-you-now\r\n


\r\nA little of this spice goes a long way. Combine it with ginger or use it alone in veggie dishes or rice. Turmeric is full of antioxidants that help treat ailments like diabetes and arthritis.\r\n\r\nturmeric-healthy-you-now


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