How self motivation & self love can you set you up for more success than anything else

The Power of Affirmation and Setting Ourselves up for Success

\r\nMany of us would probably agree that most diet and exercise programs fail. In fact, American statistics show that as many as 95% of people that lose weight gain it back within 5 years. Getting healthy involves so much more than a quick diet or exercise fad. Beyond just diet or exercise, we’re taking about a healthy living program. And one that is going to produce lasting results must begin with the right kind of motivation. We can all get pumped up enough to start a new diet or exercise program, but more often than not, this excitement quickly falls by the wayside as time goes by.  Accomplishing any goal requires a mental commitment – first and continually foremost.\r\n\r\nOne of the simplest ways to stay excited about a health program is through repeating daily affirmations.  Affirmations are a powerful tool to reprogram our thinking. The repeated words help to focus the mind on its objective. By using the conscious mind to replay the positive affirmation, the subconscious also begins to adopt the intended message. So, as the mind begins to believe what the affirmations are stating, we then begin to repeat the positive behavior.\r\n\r\nBefore you dismiss this as a bunch of hocus pocus, you should know that more and more research is coming out that shows the direct impact of our thoughts on our neural pathways and even our genes. The fields of neuroscience and epigenetics are proving that (as Earl Nightingale stated in the classic, The Strangest Secret) “we become what we think about.”\r\n\r\n5 Affirmations to help you live your healthiest life:\r\n\r\n1. I am worthy of a healthy life and I deserve to live free of pain.\r\n”It is every person’s unalienable right to live their best life.  Illness and disease don’t have to be handed down to you.  You have the power within you to change your mind, your spirit, and your body.”\r\n\r\n2. A healthy life begins with the way I treat myself.\r\nIf I can’t be good to myself, how can I be a positive force in the life of anyone else?\r\n\r\n3. I am surrounded by mentally and spiritually healthy people, so that I am constantly aware of maintaining a positive outlook in all circumstances.\r\nPeople can be the most powerful deterrent to the accomplishment of your goals. As an adult, it is your right and responsibility to surround yourself with people that will support your quest to become healthier.\r\n\r\n4. My mind and spirit receive constant nourishment from the things I choose to surround myself with.\r\nStart to change your habits and surroundings.  If you want to be in a healthier place mentally, spiritually, and physically then venture out to find more.  Instead of watching Soaps and Reality

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