Toss your phone and unplug with these tips for a digital detox

digital-detox\r\n\r\nUnless you have the time to take a five day vacation from screens, phones, and social media you’re jumping at the chance to try the new meditation method that pulls you out of the zombie state after working 40+. Here are a few tips that will bring little samples of that time off from digital into your everyday life.  \r\n\r\nRethink your mornings\r\n\r\nStop using your phone as an alarm clock, or simply choose not to look at it first thing in the morning. Instead try taking that first 10 minutes to think, express some gratitude, or complete a task like making your bed. Sometimes we can look at our phones out of hunger for entertainment. Before jumping to see what’s going on with the rest of the world, take a few moments to balance and find yourself in each new day. \r\nHTML5 Icon\r\n\r\nPhone stacking & beyond\r\n\r\nMost people have heard of the phone stacking game you play with your friends at dinner. Everyone stacks their phones in the middle of the table. The one to grab their device first has to pay for dinner or drinks. What if we applied that rule in all kinds of meetings. A team meeting with colleagues might benefit from a “no laptop or phone” rule at the door. Take notes with pen and paper, then have one person compile them digitally. Your notes will be more detailed.  \r\n\r\nphone-stacking\r\n\r\nRetreat\r\n\r\nImagine your mind and body are a business; You Inc. It’s no secret the truly amazing companies have amazing retreats for their employees to step outside the office, recharge and refocus. All the teams that make you perform at your best each day need that from time to time too. Organize one at home for yourself, or find a cool host with friends. Remember you’re only disconnecting to reconnect with yourself and those around you.\r\n\r\nYou should definitely still take that 5 day vacation to somewhere secluded and forget to take your phone off of airplane mode.  Over half of Americans admit to feeling addicted to the Internet and their devices. A great amount of us are using some sort of device before bed, increasing our alertness and having negative effects on our sleep. \r\n\r\nHTML5 Icon\r\n\r\nIt’s time to take back the time we waste on screens. We can’t let some things so dispensable effect something so pivotal to our wellness.

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