Why trainers are saying that nuts are the best post-workout snack

Working out on an empty stomach is a no-no. What goes in before you get busy busting a sweat is just as important as what you use to re-fuel your body after your workout. Two things you’ll probably want your first post-work out snack to be is light and quick. That’s why trainers will tell you that eating nuts is a great way to fill your body’s hunger as well as its nutritional needs after exercise. The top two on trainer’s list are almonds and cashews. While they’re both in the nut family, the two benefit our bodies in very different ways, yet hold the same purpose of replacing some of the energy we lose during a workout.\r\n

Almondsgiphy (1)

\r\nThey taste great and are a no mess, no fuss kind of snack. They don’t have to be roasted or salted — naturally tasty! This is perfect for on the go gym goers or joggers. Researchers from the Journal of the International Society of Sport Nutrition claim that snacking on almonds increases endurance. Almonds are high in many nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, folate — all of which contribute to your energy, and decreasing the risk of fatigue and tiredness.\r\n


\r\ncashews\r\n\r\nAlthough too much sodium can result in high blood pressure, sodium after a workout gives your body a chance to re-hydrate because it increases your water retention. That’s when you begin to get thirsty! Low sodium foods make the best post-workout foods (almonds have zero sodium). Adults should have no more than 2300 milligrams of sodium a day. An ounce of salted, roasted cashews has just about 181 milligrams.  In the case of cashews, the little salt is actually good for you, especially if you are a heavy sweater.\r\n\r\nTrying bringing one or both with you on your next work out session. Take note of how your body feels after you’ve had your snack. You can even put the nuts on yogurt or another sweet treat to reward yourself after reaching a fitness or health goal.

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